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    • Sunshine Valley on Expo Axis of Shanghai World Expo

      Sunshine Valley on Expo Axis of Shanghai World Expo
        The project is 1045m long in North and south, 99.5m-110.5m wide in East and west, 80m wide above ground, with a total construction area of 220,000 square meters. The project includes membrane roof and six steel latticed shells "Sunshine Valley".Sunshine Valley structure system is a single-layer grid composed of triangular meshes. The steel structure of Sunshine Valley is conical in shape, like a loudspeaker facing the sky, and its section is a hyperboloid with variable curvature. The height of reticulated shell is 41m, the steel consumption is about 300 tons, the number of reticulated shell joints is about 10 600, and the area of special-shaped curtain wall is about 35,000 square meters.
      • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Terminal

        Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Terminal
          The project is a major project in Zhejiang Province in 2000, with a total building area of 100,000 square meters, reinforced concrete column network, glass curtain wall, pre-stressed floor, steel roof truss, and a maximum span of 56 meters. He was awarded the Luban Award, the highest national award for Construction Engineering in 2001.
        • hangzhou grand theater

          hangzhou grand theater
            The project is located on Jiangdong Road near Qiantang River. With its unique architectural form, perfect performance function and advanced stage technology, it has become one of the most modern symbolic cultural facilities in China. It is the No. 1 Project in Zhejiang Province in 2001. Has been awarded the National Quality Engineering Award.
          • Huayin Style Center

            Huayin Style Center
              Located in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, the project covers the fields of culture, sports and education. It includes five sub-projects: the project of Cultural Sports Center, the project of Huashan Town Complete Primary School, the project of Taihua Second Kindergarten, the project of Yue Miao Second Kindergarten and the project of Huashan Town Second Kindergarten. The total investment of the project is about 528 million yuan.
            • Cixi Stadium, Ningbo

              Cixi Stadium, Ningbo
                The project is located on the east side of Cixi New Town Avenue, with a total floor area of 17,000 square meters and a frame of 2 floors.
              • Ningbo Grand Theatre

                Ningbo Grand Theatre
                  Located at No. 1 Jiangbei Gate Road in Ningbo City, the project is one of the eight cultural facilities planned and constructed during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period in Ningbo City. It is also a landmark building in Ningbo City, and is known as the "leading building" of the cultural corridor in Zhejiang Province.
                • Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center

                  Jinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center
                    This project is the first PPP project of exhibition center in China and also the first successful PPP project of the group. It is jointly invested and constructed by Longyuan Group and Operator Hong Kong Bike Global International Service Co., Ltd. The total investment of the project is 971.4 million yuan. It can provide 1948 indoor exhibition booths, 500 outdoor exhibition booths, 5,000 meeting spaces and nearly 1,000 parking spaces.