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    Government Bepartment
    Responsible for providing public services

    Extensive contact with multi-level government agencies, established a rich project information database, covering municipal roads, schools, hospitals, security houses...

    Long-term cooperation

    Longyuan Mingcheng will rely on professional project implementation capability and strong capital operation strength to integrate Longyuan Construction Group...

    Social Capital
    Participation in service delivery

    Negotiated dozens of domestic well-known financial institutions, combined rail transit projects, pavilion projects, garden projects, environmental projects, etc...

    service integration

    service integration


    To whom it may concern,

    We hereby certify that the recruitment about LongYuan Group project in Republic of Cameroon is counterfeit information.

    Please beware of misleading of this information. Please feel free to contact our Human Resources Department if you have any questions, TEL: 021—65032295, E-mail: hr@lycg.com.cn.

    Best Regards

    Longyuan Group