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    Peng Jiaxue, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, visited Longyuan to conduct research on the construction project

    Time : 2023-06-14

    sixmonththirteenOn the morning of the th, Peng Jiaxue, a member of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, went to Longyuan Group to construct the Nordic regionChinasalmonRASLand-based aquaculture projectsPhase IInvestigation and research to understand the situation of Haidao Township giving play to the advantages of marine resources, strengthening foreign development cooperation, and building a modern fishery industry chain. Zhao Haibin, Bao Chaoyang, and other leaders from Ningbo City and Xiangshan County accompanied.


    彭佳學在Northern Europe(China)salmonRASResearch on land-based aquaculture bases (Image source: released in Ningbo)

    &Nbsp;Northern EuropeChinasalmonRASLand-based aquaculture projects(Phase I)由龍元集團承建,是寧波市two thousand and twenty-threeThe key engineering construction project of the year is also a major foreign investment project in the marine biology industry introduced by Xiangshan County. This project is the first in Asia to adoptRASCirculating water aquaculture technologyLand based aquaculture with a reuse rate of aquaculture water99%Above.

    &Nbsp;Northern Europe(China)salmonRASLand-based aquaculture projects(Phase I)


    The project is located in Huangwantang Block, Gaotangdao Township,Covering an area of approximatelythree hundred畝,分三期建設。Phase I總投資約eightRMB ten0 million, including foreign investmenteight000Ten thousand euros, total construction areafiveMore than ten000 square meters, mainly completed breeding plants, breeding plants, power distribution rooms, water pump rooms, sewage biological treatment tanks, corridors, seawater desalination, outdoor ancillary projects, and greening projects. Expected this yeartenmonth前,項目Phase I整體建成投用,year產能達four thousandMultiple tons.


    Fish egg hatching work&Nbsp; (Image source: Xiangshan Publishing)


    Longyuan Group attaches great importance to this project. Since the start of the project, with the care and support of relevant departments in Xiangshan County and Gaotangdao Township, the project department has worked together to overcome difficulties such as short construction period at key nodes and complex installation of equipment and pipelines. The breeding plant has been completed and put into use according to the nodes. As oftwo thousand and twenty-threeyearthreemonth底,已累計投放孵化魚卵thirteen0Ten thousand, with an incubation rate of up to9five%Above.龍元集團將繼續嚴抓工程質量,確保項目按計劃有序推進,助力家鄉現代產業高質量發展。